Spectacular Science DEBATE POST!!!: Are Fungi More Beneficial or Harmful?

This blog post is another a debate showdown! We take topics and make them into a debate!! Today’s topic is…Fungi – Are they mostly good or bad? Remember, please send us what side you agree with going to www.spectacularsci.com/debateform and fill out our form!

Fungi Are Mostly Good For You!!

Fungi are mostly good for you because the decompose organic or plant and animal waste. Fungi break down or eat these remains of plants or food and makes the soil around it better for growing plants. This is the point of composting. Fungi can also get rid of poisonous organisms!! Fungi can grow on bad bacteria and get rid of them!! This is why fungi have a lot of good effects.

Fungi are Mostly Bad/Harmful

Fungi are mostly bad because they can damage crops. Fungi can decompose crops that are still ALIVE!!! They infect the crops with poison and can also harm humans. Fungi can also grow on food and ruin it. Fungi can cause poisoning to humans by infection their food or crops. Fungi, like mushrooms, can poison humans if they accidentally eat them. This is why fungi are more harmful.

Scientists think that the beneficial and harmful effects are split down the middle, meaning that it is too close to tell.