Permafrost and Climate Change

What is Permafrost?

Permafrost, also known as Permanent Frost, is a layer of ice that stays frozen all year round. The Permafrost is mostly found near the North and South Poles. This ice is made of Water and Methane (CH4). When Methane is cooled, it becomes very hard to melt. This is what Permafrost is.

What Does Permafrost Have to do With Climate Change?

As you read in the previous paragraph, Permafrost is mostly made of Water and Methane. Because of Climate Change, the Earth’s temperature is changing and melting the Permafrost with the changing climates. Since Permafrost is made out of Methane, when it melts, the Methane gets releases into our atmosphere, which is the blanket of gases that surrounds the planet. Methane is a Greenhouse Gas, which means that when the ice melts, it actually makes Climate Change a lot worse!!