What are Sinkholes?

Sinkholes are large holes in the ground that form when water seeps into the ground. Limestone, a type of rock can dissolve very easily in water. As the water seeps into the cracks on the ground, it dissolves the limestone rock under the surface. The limestone becomes weak and creates a hole under all of the rocks on top of it. Soon, because the ground above is too heavy, the ground on top collapses into the hole causing a big hole to form. Sinkholes can happen near buildings or in the middle of roads! That is why we have to prevent sinkholes from happening in the first place.

How Can Sinkholes Be Prevented?

Sinkholes can be prevented in one simple way: do not disturb the ground. When humans, plants, or other animals disturb the rocks and soil, the water can have an easier time dissolving the limestone. Make sure to check that the area that you live in is not or is prone to sinkhole formation.