Climate Change Causes Sea-Level Rise

Sea-level rise is when the ice caps of the Earth make the ocean waters rise. The ice caps of the Earth are the North and South poles. Because of Climate Change, when the Earth gets hotter, the ice melts and flows into the ocean. When ice melts, it becomes water. When that extra water makes it into the ocean, it increases the water level. Sea-level rise can be dangerous for humans and marine wildlife. It can be dangerous to humans because the cities near coasts may get flooded. That will be bad for humans and their habitats. Marine wildlife may go extinct because animals need the right amount of water above or below them to survive. That is to avoid water pressure. This process is speeding up, so scientists are working on solutions to this problem.

One solution that scientists are working on for the future is securing shorelines with more plants and trees to prevent flooding. There is also the thought of moving away from shorelines, but that won’t last long. Luckily, scientists are getting closer to the solution whihc is just reducing our impact on the Earth!