How Do Wind Turbines Generate Electricity?

Wind is air that is moving at high speeds. It happens when warm and cool air rise and sink. That rising and sinking action makes the air move. Warm air rises and cold air sinks. There is this giant mass of air and wind called the Jet Stream. The Jet Stream is a system of winds that travel around the planet. The air in the Jet Stream naturally warms up and cools down in different parts of the Earth. When the warm and cold air are in one part of the Earth at the same time, the air naturally moves up and down. That motion moves the air around the two masses of warm and cold air and makes wind. This is how wind is made in nature! Wind Turbines are large structures that have sails on them and catch wind to generate electricity. When wind blows, the sail (Long part sticking out) spins around. This spinning action can produce electricity! There are generators, machines that use magnets to generate electricity at the back of the turbine. When the turbine spins, a wheel at the back of the turbine also spins the generator to generate electricity! The generator aligns electrons into a steady flow or current which is electricity.