What Are Warm-Blooded Animals?

Warm-blooded animals always have a fixed body temperature and is always different from the outside temperature. Most warm-blooded animals are vertebrates. Vertebrates are animals with a backbone. The backbone is also known as the vertebrate! The backbone is a row of connected bones that run down the back. Vertebrates animals make up only 5% of all of the animals on Earth. Besides having a backbone, vertebrate animals have a skeleton with bones as a structure. Vertebrate animals also have blood vessels which transport blood around the body. Since vertebrate animals need their backbones to hold themselves up, they are able to move around easily. Warm-blooded animals aren’t affected by the temperature of their surroundings because they are endothermic. Endothermic means that animals make their own heat. Humans are examples of warm-blooded animals and so are elephants!

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