What’s So Special About Titan?

Titan is the second-largest moon in the Solar System. Titan orbits around Saturn every 16 Earth days. Titan has entire oceans and seas of liquid Methane, a gas that is so cold that it turns into a liquid! Titan also has a lot of empty rivers that were carved out by a liquid millions of years ago. Titan has these seas and oceans of liquid Methane. These seas may have microbial life in them! Microbes can live in extreme environments. This orange and blue colored planet is covered in these oceans and seas of liquid Methane like the Earth’s oceans. Scientists believe that the life that may be found on Titan will be microscopic organisms like bacteria. Titan is the only celestial body in the Solar System that has liquids on it’s surface, other than the Earth. Titan may be a place in our Solar System where life might exist!