Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse Tomorrow!

A solar eclipse will be visible over parts of North and South America tomorrow, Saturday October 14th! This will be a partial solar eclipse in many areas of the U.S. Learn more by visiting NASA’s eclipse website: https://science.nasa.gov/eclipses/future-eclipses/eclipse-2023/

If you want to watch an eclipse, make sure to use appropriate eye protection (linked to NASA Safety website).

A Solar Eclipse is a natural phenomenon when the Moon blocks part of or the full Sun when viewed from Earth. Solar Eclipses only happen about 2-4 times every year. This includes from different parts of the world! Total Solar Eclipses are very rare. A Solar Eclipse happens in a specific time of the Earth and the Moon’s orbit. An orbit is when an object circles around another larger object using gravity. When the Moon and the Earth are in the right place relative to the Sun, a Solar Eclipse happens! The Moon blocks part or the whole Sun! A Total Solar Eclipse is very rare and a spectacular phenomenon. It happens when the Moon blocks the Sun. This happens around the world at different times.

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