Auroras – Labelling Worksheet Activity

Materials: Spectacular Science Life Cycle of a Star Worksheet (Click here!) Directions: Print out the first page. Label the diagram of aurora formation on the worksheet. Use the following words: North Magnetic Pole, South Magnetic Pole, Charged Particles, and Atmosphere. Then use the answer key to check your answers. Use the video below to help you.

Life Cycle of a Star Worksheet

Materials: Spectacular Science Life Cycle of a Star Worksheet (Click here!) Directions: Print the worksheet out and draw pictures representing the life cycle of a star. To learn more about stars and if Jupiter could turn into one, watch the Spectacular Science video below!

Evolution Souvenir Scavenger Hunt! Activity

Materials: Directions: Time to look for evolution souvenirs! These are traits that are left over from previous ancestors due to evolution. They are also known as vestigial features. These vestigial traits are hidden in the human body and even in other animals! Your job is to go on a scavenger hunt and find out these …

Tsunami Poster!

Materials: Directions: Make a poster educating people about tsunamis and how they are formed. Make your poster colorful and appealing! Some of my favorite posters might be featured on this website! Have an adult help you to send me pictures of your poster by emailing me at Use the Spectacular Science episode to help you!

Why There Are Seasons Worksheet!

Materials: Spectacular Science Why There Are Seasons Worksheet (Click here!) Directions: Print the worksheet out (only page 1) and fill in the blanks. Check your answers with the answer key on the next page. Use the video about why days get shorter in the winter (located below) to help fill in the answers easier.

Find a Maple Tree Activity!

Materials: Directions: Time to hunt for maple trees! Be like a scientists a use clues to find maple trees. Scientists in the field use reference pictures. See some of the reference pictures below. Look for the pattern of the leaves to identify a maple. This is a fun scavenger hunt-like activity! Have fun!